The Opportunity of a Lifetime

Rotary International, established in 1905, has been offering highly respected study abroad programs since 1958; called the Rotary Youth Exchange Program. Today there are between 8,000 and 9,000 student exchanges arranged each year. These international study abroad programs provide students from more than 100 countries the opportunity of a lifetime. Opportunities to develop international friendships, broaden leadership skills, explore new worlds, learn new languages, and immerse themselves in different cultures.

The Opportunity of  a Lifetime
The Rewards of Studying Abroad

The Rewards of Studying Abroad

Students reap many rewards from studying abroad. International exchange students serve as ambassadors for their country and community, bridging gaps and spreading understanding. The students themselves benefit from immersion in a different culture, through which they develop lifelong friends from around the world, and learn and growing as a person while having fun and partaking in new experiences. On their return home, each student returns with a greater sense of the world, often times assuming leadership roles shaped by lessons from the experience and the memories that will be with them forever.

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